Quinta Splendida Wellness & Botanical GardenQuinta Splendida Wellness & Botanical Garden

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Botanical Garden

The botanical garden at Quinta Splendida stretches over 30.000m² and the present layout was created in 1990 following the owner’s design, Mr. Giancarlo Bertoli. Quinta Splendida Botanical Garden has over 1.000 different plant species with 650 plants labeled and employs a team of six gardeners. The interpretation of the garden design ensures that continuous flowering is seen throughout the seasons. A large variety of species as well as endemic plants are naturally grown together in a promiscuous order. To a certain extend plants were imported from the Canary Islands and the owner worked in close collaboration with the Botanical Gardens in Funchal, leading to an exchange of plant species.
Of all existing plants, we highlight the following: "Chorisia Speciosa", "Acacia Mimosa", "Laurus Lauraceae", "Cana Indica", "Phytolacca Dioica", "Jacaranda Mimosifolia", "Echium Candicans", "Allamanda Cathartica", "Agave Attenuata", "Nolina Recurvata", "Aloe Vera", "Callistemon Viminalis", "Monstera Deliciosa", "Tecoma Capensis", "Ananás Comosus", "Bougainvillea".

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